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Term 1 Letter To Parents

Year 5SB Proudly Present their Work and Performances !


This is Us

Our class is tough

    The weather is rough   

                          (o, oo, off, uff, ow, aw, a )                           

We've had enough!


Running outside

Getting all wet

 (o, oo, off, uff, ow, aw, a )

Coming inside

Ms Boyce is upset !


Ms Boyce is now

Off fixing her brow

 (o, oo, off, uff, ow, aw, a )

While Hina is walking around

With a plough!


The kids have bought the school

and turned it into a swimming pool

And now we think it's really cool !


Yeah !






Welcome To 5SB!

Our Teachers and T.A are: Miss Sanchez , Ms Boyce & Hina .

We are looking forward to a positive, fun and learning-filled year !


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