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FoM money in action

Where does the money go?


Manorside bought some new equipment for the children and also gave each class teacher some money to spend - here's some of the things they bought and what the children think!


NURSERY will be buying some new bikes and trikes

RECEPTION have some new 'Big Books' so that all the children can enjoy a story together

1O bought some Julia Donaldson puppets so that they can act out their favourite stories.

YEAR 2 have been loving the new musical instruments.

3W and 3S have bought PILES of new books, they are looking forward to challenging themselves with longer books and learning lots of new words!

4S also have new books.

5B visited the House of Illlustration. They've learnt some new techniques and found the visit 'inspirational' and it made them 'happy and excited.'

6L demonstrated the new school cameras.

6R bought some really exciting books - they said that they were so good that it was making them read faster!



Picture 1 3W have LOADS of new books
Picture 2 Year 2 trying out the new musical instruments
Picture 3 FoM also bought drums!
Picture 4 5B visited the House of Illustration
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 Yr 4 bought some new books for guided reading
Picture 9 Reception are enjoying their new books
Picture 10 FoM bought some new chess sets for the school
Picture 11 3S love their new books!
Picture 12 Nursery will be buying some new trikes
Picture 13 6R have bought some brilliant new books
Picture 14 1O bought some Julia Donaldson puppets
Picture 15 The whale and the Gruffalo
Picture 16 6L trying out the new cameras for each class