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January 2019

FoM meeting – 18 Jan 2019


  1. Update on new spending mechanisms
  2. Events:
    1. KS2 Games night
    2. Reception – Yr 3 film night
    3. Japanese showcase
    4. International Food Fair
  3. Manorside community week
  4. Parental involvement
  5. AOB


1) FOM update

  • FoM has raised lots of money over the past few years and we are now putting in systems to spend it efficiently
  • Kate and Rachel have met with the staff, and working with Amanda to plan ahead for extra spend
  • If anyone would like to become involved, please contact Rachel
  • There will be regular updates on how the money is being spent


2) Events

a) KS2 Games night – Monday 4 February

  • Nina, Noga and Camilla as organising group – volunteers to help will be needed
  • Pricing to be agreed and consistent with Reception – Yr3 movie night
  • Part of profits to be focussed on buying games for the school


b) Reception – Yr3 movie night – Wednesday 13 February

  • Karine and Emma T as organising group – volunteers to help will be needed
  • Organise ‘chill-out room’ (intervention room)

c) Japanese showcase – Monday 29 April (tbc)

  • Yuka, Miho, Michelle and Rachel as organising group – volunteers to help will be needed
  • Origami demonstrations (Mrs Sandhu to be asked to assist)

d) International Food Fair – Saturday 29 June

  • Yr 4 to organise


3) Manorside community week

  • Date tbc but likely to be a week in May
  • 3 Parks challenge
  • Fundraisers
  • Improving the school community day

4) Parental involvement

  • Reminder that people can get involved in helping the school in all sorts of ways, from helping at events to sending an email or approaching a local business
  • We need an increase in people who are involved in FoM


5) AOB

  • Infant toilets – Lucy to contact builder and arrange for quote
  • Iranian showcase suggested. Question – we could have cultural showcases after school for an hour?