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November 2017

Minutes of Friends meeting 10.11.2017

Friends of Manorside has been very successful so far – today is about doing even better.

Aims are:

  • Involve more people
  • Become more organised


1. Structure

Noga proposed a structure based on Martin’s school PTA and some ideas from Akiva

The big change is having a proper committee:

  • Meetings at the end of the school year and at the beginning of the school year to organise:
    • different jobs
    • calendar of the year
    • class reps


  • Suggestion is to have a coordinator – This will be the main goto person that can be the face of FOM. Action – Becky Grey to draft an advert to go out in the FoM newsletter


  • Coordinator would be in charge of chairing the meetings and reporting back.


  • Events coordinators It will stay the same in that each event will have a person /committee to organise. Part of the job of events coordination will be to write notes which can be passed on to following year. Action – Rachel Field to create template for events


  • Business and community coordinator – does the outward facing work


  • Class reps: These should be decided the summer term before and Wendy can help locate a reception class rep.


  • Structure: An idea from another school is to organise the big event by year group. Eg, Year 2 always organise the summer fayre. Notes are kept and passed on to the next year 2. This could be proposed at the next AGM – Sept 2018.


  • We should also have an end of year planning meeting


  • We need to maintain everything that is good and appealing about Friends of Manorside – friendly, open, welcoming.


2. Communication


  • We have parents with many skills including marketing, communication and strategic fundraising.


  • Would be good to have a strategy to bring more parents in.


  • Proposal:
    • a termly FOM newsletter: events, class rep, what’s been raised, infographic,
    • Class WhatsApp groups – easier for people to communicate than email.
    • Events WhatsApp groups
    • Network of class reps. They would be responsible to get everyone in their class on the list and disseminate the tasks for event. Class rep can introduce themselves to parents. The role of the class rep would be solely to manage the communication re. FoM, they would not be expected to deal with any class issues.
    • Class rep to attend the meet the teacher event in September to introduce themselves. If this is not possible, they need to communicate with the teacher ahead of time in order for the teachers to tell parents who the class rep is and give their number out. Parents would be invited to opt into WhatsApp.
    • For each event – say what we fundraising for. And also have a long-term goal – which is linked to the school development. Action – to discuss with Mrs Rennie and work with school wishlist


  • Events:
    • Create more reading events – and we could charge for cups of tea / snacks
    • Create template for events
    • Increase sales of products to sell (along the lines of glowsticks etc)


3. Ethos


  • The number of disadvantaged pupils is dropping in the school.
  • Event committees can decide on pricing
  • Parents are being charged full price for trips now
  • FoM will make funds available for the school to ensure that disadvantaged children will be included in school events and trips. The use of these funds will be at the school's discretion according to their knowledge of the children's identify and needs. This is likely to be based on pupil premium / free school meals data.
  • Good idea to have contingency fund
  • Each class get £250
  • School will provide a bucket list e.g. iPad, playground – we should think big.


4. Questions

  • Can we set up FoM as a charity so that we can claim gift aid? Action – FoM need to approach a lawyer to ask the question.