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Autumn Term


Dear parents & carers,


During Autumn term in Nursery, the children will be exploring the environment, engaging with sensory tasks, role play, construction, songs & rhymes, and stories. We will use their interests to guide our planning, to enhance their engagement and learning.


We will celebrate their birthdays, as well as recognise other important religious and cultural events during this time. This includes:


Rosh Hashanah (Monday 30th September & Tuesday 1st October)

Yom Kippur (Tuesday 8th October & Wednesday 9th October)

Diwali (Monday 28th October)

Halloween (Thursday 31st October)

Bonfire Night (Tuesday 5th November)

Remembrance Day (Monday 11th November)

Christmas (week beginning Monday 16th December)

Hanukkah (week beginning Monday 16th December)


If you recognise any of the above events in your family and would like to come and share something with the children, e.g. activity, game, craft, story, song, etc, we would love to have you!


Nursery Team

Ms Heslip, Jane & Betty

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