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Pupil Premium

Below you will find links about Pupil Premium Funding at Manorside. The allocation of funding supports the key objectives which aim to break down barriers to learning. Barriers include:

  • mobility
  • attendance
  • pupils entering well below age related expectations
  • no spoken English
  • restricted enrichment opportunities
  • restricted learning opportunities beyond.

We aim to support each child to feel safe and secure so that all children can reach their potential. Attainment and progress of all pupils is tracked and analysed in pupil progress meetings in order to develop action plans and decide how to spend our funding to maximise opportunities for our pupils. The Pupil Premium strategy will be reviewed each year in the Autumn Term.

Manorside's Key Objectives


  1. Continue to narrow the attainment gap in core subjects – reading, writing and maths
  2. Provide extra support to children who have emotional and behaviour difficulties and support for vulnerable families extending our offer of learning for parents
  3. Ensuring that our children have equal access to the enrichment opportunities provided through our Curriculum