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September 2019

FoM meeting – 24th September 2019


  1. Autonomy
  2. Charity Update
  3. Events:
    • Autumn disco
    • Manorside Quiz
  4. Event ideas:
    • May Walk
    • Day of Action
    • Other ideas


1. Autonomy

  • Currently, any item under £50 (approx.) requested from a teacher can be purchased by Amanda. Above £100, Rachel approves. However, both Rachel and Amanda would rather have a ‘committee’ to approve larger spends.
  • It was proposed that a committee of five people should be established to agree individual item spends over £100. This would be made up by representatives from: nursery; KS1; KS2; Governor and FoM coordinator. This would be managed by a WhatsApp group
  • A financial update will be presented before Christmas, and information on what has been purchased will also be shared


2. Charity Update

  • A small team of people (Sarah Epstein, Mandy Wilkins, Vicky Donhue, Rachel Field) are looking at whether FoM could be set up as a charity. We would require trustees and an accountant to manage this

​​​​​​​3. Events

  • Autumn Disco – 11 November. We will need some volunteers to organise the event
  • Manorside Quiz – 30 November. Rachel Santucci and Susannah to manage – potentially bringing someone else on board to support so that it can be carries forward in the future


4. Event ideas

  • May Walk – 17th May (tbc). A ‘3 parks’ challenge on a weekend where as a Manorside community we walk from school to Long Lane Pastures, Stephens House and finishing up with a picnic in Victoria Park. This will be a sponsored walk in aid of the school (we may fundraise for a specific need at the school – tbc)
  • Day of Action – a day / weekend to bring the community together to paint, fix, plant things to improve the school environment
  • Joint event with Tudor – colour run or similar