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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Simon Jebreel

Head of School

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Emma Taylor

Acting Deputy Head

Lead Practitioner

Science Leader



Bryony Lewis

Acting Deputy Head

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Key Stage 1 Leader

Year 4 Teacher


Jan Roth

Assistant Head

Key Stage 2 Leader

Computing Leader

Year 6 Teacher


Melanie Pashourtides

Early Years Leader

Reception Teacher


Jackie Walker

Literacy Leader

Year 4 Teacher


Hannah Malhotra

Music Specialist

Year 3 Teacher


Nathalie Apcher

Inclusion Teacher

Forest School Leader

Year 1 Teacher


Kelly McConnell

Art and DT Leader

Year 1 Teacher


Vicky Ouseley

Environment Leader

Reception Teacher


Julie Turner

History Leader

Year 5 Teacher


Nathan Grandison

PE Team Leader


Susan Brabazon

Reading Support


Ana Sanchez 

MFL Leader



Lily Shum

PSHE Leader

Year 2 Teacher


Olivia Boyce

Maths Leader

Year 3 Teacher


Dylan Williams

PE Team


Barbara Williams 

Senior Learning Mentor

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Attendance Officer