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Year 6

Summer Term Curriculum Letter 2022

Another great couple of weeks of learning in year 6; during English we have been immersing ourselves in Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish Play’. The pupils have become different characters each day, thinking carefully about the feelings and emotions that they might have. As the play progresses the plot thickens and we are looking forward to discovering next week how it concludes.

Maths week was not just great fun, but also allowed the pupils to learn about how data can be used. Their task was to find the ‘Average Pupil in Year 6’. First they had to decide what sort of data they should find, then they had to collect data from their classmates, following this each group had to present their data using a variety of methods – tally charts, bar charts, pictograms, pie graph – on a poster. The outcomes were fantastic and we found out that no-one was ‘average’.

In science we posed the question, ‘What would the world look like without classification?’ This created great debate and ideas. We then looked more carefully at what classification can be used for and started to classify animals – this was quite difficult especially when their features were very similar.

More debate was had in geography when the question, “Why are some countries easier to invade than others?” was put on the board. It certainly stimulated some fantastic discussions and has made us realise that we need more knowledge to be able to answer this question in more detail. One thing that was discussed was population, so this week we have been thinking about how populous different countries are and where the majority of citizens live within a country.

We have also thought carefully about anti-bullying week and how ‘One Kind Word’ can make someone else feel much better. Thank you Year 6 for all your efforts to show the Manorside Way, we really enjoy working with you.

We have had a great first week back after half-term. Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful performance by The London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall. It was an incredible experience for all involved and lovely to see the live performance of Symphonie Fantastique.

We also saw some ‘street art’ on our walk along the South Bank, which we used to inspire our writing. We thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the creative ideas the children came up with. Look up on the internet what the art was there for - #unexpectedguesttoLondon


Happy Diwali to everyone – we reminded ourselves of the Diwali story and then did some activities to understand how Hindus celebrate.

As you can see Mr Hyman, Sumi and Mr Richardson got into the swing of things!